To make recruitment easier, faster and better value for money for all businesses in India from the biggest corporates to the smallest SMEs

Recruiting Hub is an online Recruitment Agency Marketplace, where employers and recruiters are intelligently connected in order to fill vacancies faster, more efficiently and through a single contract, removing the need to onboard new suppliers onto an existing preferred supplier list. Thus simplifying the recruitment process and making recruitment better value for money.

We are looking to change the way companies in India recruit. We are probably looking to be the trend setters in the recruitment industry.

Our sell to the employers is that we connect them with specialist pre-qualified recruiters who have the quality to deliver not only on service but candidates aswell . The employers are fed up with the body shop approach and want talented recruiters .

We are trying to create a marketplace (Bankbazaar model) where recruiters receive reviews from employers for service levels hence being rewarded with vacancies in the future based on meritocracy.

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Upload any no of vacancies that you are looking to close as of yesterday.
Set your recruitment fee that you would be comfortable paying a recruitment agency if they fill the vacancy you're struggling with!

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Connect with our specialist recruitment agencies who wil submit their best candidates suitable for your vacancy posted.
Our approved network of recruitment agencies compete themselves to get you the best talents within weeks not months therefore ensuring better results and value for money!

Take full control of your recruitment process

Stay on the driver's seat controlling your entire recruitment process through our free to use software that makes it easier to track candidates, schedule interviews and communicate with our specialist recruitment agencies

Hire the talent you wanted

Hire the talent faster and pay only if the candidate joins your organization. We are the one stop shop for invoices,payments for all transactions made through our marketplace. You pay nothing if you don't hire!

It work's really simple for Corporates

You decide the fee that you would be comfortable paying a recruitment agency, if they fill the vacancy you are struggling with, then upload's the vacancy on You get to choose from our approved network of specialist recruitment agencies that you would be willing to work with, based on their Company profile and feedback ratings

Our network of recruitment agencies DO NOT get to know you or the company that posted the vacancy unless you approve to work with them

So you don't get any cold calls - Agencies that you approve will then submit their Pre-Screened Candidates for the vacancy you've posted

All you have to do is review them and start moving them through your recruitment process - We simply your recruitment process with our free to use software that makes it easy to track candidates, schedule interview's & communicate with agencies. Our model works really fast in closing any niche positions within 2 weeks of uploading the vacancy and for a fee that you set.

It's going to be lot easier that recruitment used to be!

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